Lets go around the ‘Shikoku Noodle Road’, allons-y!

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    • 2018-08-28

名称未設定 6The great thing about road trips is that you’re absolutely free to go wherever you want. In this vein, we strongly recommend the Shikoku region. Driving through all that nature has to offer, including beautiful sights such as the various islands in Seto Inland Sea, gives off a wonderful feeling of bliss. The other great aspect of road trips is the gourmet on offer at highway service areas. A traditional Japanese way of travelling involves eating the various local foods at service areas. This time, we’re out to enjoy all the variations of noodles that Shikoku has to offer on the ‘Shikoku Noodle Road: Service Area edition’.

Kagawa Toyohama Service Area (Descending, toward Matsuyama)

<Meat Udon>36588264_2143263849290421_836984900019027968_n (1)

Shouhachi Udon serves Sanuki style udon. The most popular dish is ‘Meat Udon’, and you can see the mountain of meat piled on the bowl. The noodles are homemade, and have a good, firm texture.


Tokushima Kamiita Service Area (Ascending, toward Tokushima)

<Wash Basin Udon>


This artsy udon is served in a traditional Japanese washbasin, but be careful as the udon is very hot. You can also choose from a variety of spices and flavorings to modify the taste of the udon.


Ehime Iyonada Service Area (Descending, toward Matsuyama)

<Yawatahama Champon>


This dish fuses chicken and fish stock to create a delicious soup! The noodles are thick, and are beautifully incorporated with the soup. Delicious!


Ehime Ishizuchiyama Service Area (Ascending, toward Kawanoe)

< Saijo Teppan Napolitano set meal>14

A Napolitano spaghetti of Japanese origins. The flavoring is created from a foundation of tomato ketchup. You are supposed to mix the noodles with summer vegetables and eggs, yum!


Extra Edition

Noodles are great, but as we’ve come all the way to coastal Shikoku, I have an intense craving for fish.

Kochi Nangoku Service Area (Ascending, toward Kawanoe)

<Straw-smoked Skipjack tuna set meal>115

Kochi Prefecture is famous for its skipjack tuna. T here is nothing as delicious as some of that tuna smoked on burning straw. The fragrance of the fish is mouth-watering, and the fresh fish literally melts in your mouth!


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