Tokyu Kabukicho Tower to open next year as one of Japan’s largest multipurpose entertainment facilities

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    • 2022-05-09

Source: PR Times


“Tokyu Kabukicho Tower” is a joint entertainment facility project in Kabukicho, Shinjuku district operated by the Tokyu company and Tokyu Recreation company. They have recently made an official announcement to open the facility in April 2023 and released its official name and logo for the facility.

This entertainment facility consisting of a hotel, movie theater, performing arts theater, live hall and so much more, stands 225m high on the 48th floor above the ground, 5 underground floors and a penthouse floor.

Take a look at below for more details of this building.

B1 to B4 Live Hall “Zepp Shinjuku (TOKYO)” This is the largest live hall space in the Shinjuku area with the capacity of approximately 1,500 people.

You can feel closer to the artist than ever, and the live music experience is filled with a sense of presence you can’t experience anywhere else.

6th to 8th Floor Performing arts theater “THEATER MILANO-Za”

This live entertainment theater inherited the name from “Shinjuku MILANO-Za” that developed and grew with Kabukicho and its culture. The 900 seater space allows you to feel the pulse and breath of the artists performing a variety of entertainment contents such as stage theater, music, and films.

9th to 10th Floor Movie theater “109 Cinema’s premium Shinjuku”

This movie theater provides high quality hospitality and a perfect environment to watch movies. A movie theater that will become the new 109 Cinema’s brand standard.

17th to 47th Floor Hotel and restaurants

-18-38 floors: “HOTEL GROOVE SHINJUKU” Entertainment facility and community-oriented hotel

-39-47 floors: “BELLUSTAR TOKYO” Luxury hotel in the sky

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