Sanrio Puroland announces ‘Character Greeting Residence’ as first new attraction in 6 years

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    • 関東
    • 東京
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  • 更新日

    • 2022-06-15

Source: PR Times


Sanrio’s indoor theme park, Puroland, is a must-visit spot for those who love cute Japanese characters. Located in Tokyo, it opened in 1990, and has been providing fans with cute character-themed fun ever since. Recently, they’ve just announced a brand new attraction, their first in 6 years, which will be opening next month.

The theme of the attraction is a luxurious abode, where many different Sanrio characters live. It will be called ‘Charaguri Residence’, short for 'Character Greeting Residence’, as visitors will be able to meet the characters and take photos with them.

There will be five themed rooms where the characters will appear, and the schedule detailing who will appear and when can be checked in advance on the theme park’s website. Possible characters include famous faces such as My Melody, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Badtz-Maru, and Pochacco.

The inside of the attraction will have an Entrance Hall.

On the first floor there will be a room with a ‘gamer modern’ concept.

And a ‘vintage pop’ themed room.

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