Kyushu Railway History Museum: Become a Train Conductor for a Day!

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The Kyushu Railway History Museum is a must-visit destination for train buffs and a popular family outing in Kitakyushu. The museum has many retro trains on display, including the world's first sleeper train. Visitors can even become conductors for a day and operate a miniature train!

Kyushu Railway History Museum: Attractions for the Whole Family

The Kyushu Railway History Museum
is a popular family destination in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. In recent years, railway fans and Instagrammers from across Japan have visited here.
*The information in this article is from a 2019 interview. For the latest information and news, please check the museum's official homepage (English PDF available).

The Kyushu Railway History Museum is a three-minute walk from Kitakyushu's Mojiko Station.

The museum is closely tied to the Kyushu Railway Company, which was the first company to establish a railway line in the Kyushu Region.

The Kyushu Railway Company was started in 1888. Its head office was originally located in Fukuoka's Hakata Ward. In 1891, it was moved to its present-day location near Mojiko Station.

As the railway network spread throughout Kyushu, it quickly became one of Japan's largest companies. Then, in 1907, it became a state-owned enterprise as the result of a new government policy.

The Kyushu Railway Company's former headquarters was reconstructed in 2003 as the Kyushu Railway History Museum. Various exhibitions highlight the beautiful railways and train culture in Kyushu.

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