Hyakusai Syoten: A Shop Delivering Stories in Chichibugahama

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    • 2022-02-15


Chichibugahama is a scenic spot in Kagawa often called "the Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan." Hyakusai Syoten, located right by this beach, sells quality local products based on a unique concept that makes them perfect as souvenirs.

Hyakusai Syoten, a Unique Souvenir Shop in Kagawa

Chichibugahama Beach in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture, has become a popular spot renowned for having the most gorgeous sunsets in Japan.
Large tidepools form on the sands of Chichibugahama during low tides. On still days with little wind, these tidepools become a mirror that beautifully reflects the sky. This is why the beach is nicknamed “the Uyuni Salt Flat of Japan” and “The Sky Mirror of Setouchi.”

The Chichibugahama area has several trendy stores. Among these is Hyakusai Syoten, the main shop featured in this article.

While it may be called a syoten (bookstore), they don’t exactly sell books. Hyakusai Syoten is considered more of a souvenir shop. However, there is a reason the store intentionally uses “syoten” in its name.

Sharing Local Community Experiences

Chichibugahama during high tide. The sand is so soft, you can walk on it barefoot.

First, we'll describe Chichibugahama before introducing Hyakusai Syoten.

Chichibugahama Beach was originally planned to be reclaimed for development during the latter half of the 1990s. Upon hearing the news, local volunteers began periodically cleaning with “the desire to protect the beach they’ve known since childhood.” The result was a gorgeous seashore.

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