HARIO CAFE; a new cafe specialising in drip coffee made using HARIO gadgets

  • エリア

    • 関東
    • 東京
  • カテゴリ

    • 食・グルメ
  • 更新日

    • 2021-10-06

Source: PR Times


If you’ve ever gone on a mission in Japan to pick up coffee utensils, chances are you’ve come across the brand HARIO. In Japan, the easiest of things take preference over the more complicated, and nothing is easier than drip coffee – which is exactly what HARIO as a brand is an expert in.
Having been in the drip coffee business since 1922, HARIO has become quite the household name in Japan. Even if one isn’t a coffee drinker, you're still likely to have crossed paths with some kind of HARIO equipment at one point or another.
But just in case you haven’t, the brand is now opening up their very own directly managed cafe in Tokyo’s Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum.

If you’re a big fan of drip coffee and have shelves full of HARIO equipment at home, or if you just want to see why the brand is so good at what they do, head on over to the new HARIO CAFE to experience the potential of HARIO when used by the hands of the coffee masters.

The cafe is settling into a permanent location at the annex building of Tokyo’s Sen-oku Hakukokan Museum. Here, you can not only enjoy coffee and tea brewed with HARIO equipment, but also purchase and bring home your new coffee utensil favourites.
The first of its kind, the cafe will also sell HARIO CAFE original goods which will only be able to be purchased on location.

In addition, there will be a collection of glass accessories and ornaments which have been made by craftsmen from the HARIO Lampwork Factory. This factory has been initiated by HARIO as a place of learning to ensure the passing on of handicraft skills to the next generation.

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