Cat-shaped bread now comes in Spring flavors featuring sakuramochi & other Japanese sweets

  • カテゴリ

    • 食・グルメ
  • 更新日

    • 2022-03-25

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We have happy news for both cat fans and foodies. Neko neko shokupan ねこねこ食パン (Cat Cat Sandwich Bread), a hot trending Japanese bread brand, has released their special spring flavors!

As the name would suggest, this brand sells cat-shaped shokupan, Japanese milk bread.

Pink cat: Sakuramochi flavor

Needless to say, sakura (cherry blossom), is the flower that symbolizes Japan. During spring, many sakura related confections, food, and drinks are sold.

Yes, this beautiful pastel pink cat shaped sandwich bread is also related to sakura. This is sakuramochi さくらもちflavor! Sakuramochi is one of the most famous Japanese confections. There are two types sakuramochi. In the Kansai area, it consists of red bean paste (餡 an) enclosed in a pink-colored rice cake (mochi), and wrapped in salted cherry blossom leaf. In the Kanto area, a thin pink crepe-like dough is used instead of the pink-colored rice cake.

Green cat: Yomogi-an (Japanese mugwort & sweet bean) flavor

When you find green-colored Japanese desserts and snacks, they are usually green tea flavor. However, there is another flavor for green Japanese sweets. It is yomogi よもぎ (Japanese mugwort), an Asian herb. The green cat is Yomogi-an よもぎあん, Japanese mugwort and sweet red bean paste flavor.

Yomogi flavor is less famous than green tea flavor among people outside of Asia, but yomogi is commonly used in Japanese traditional confections. Actually, another name for yomogi is mochigusa モチグサ (lit. mochi grass) because it is often used for mochi. Compared with green tea flavor, yomogi is slightly bitter, but you’ll like its deep flavor once you try it.

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