【Rankings in japan】 Seven-Eleven limited cup noodles popularity ranking

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Rankings in Japan 2021.4

Ranking in Japan is the article to introduce the latest popularity rankings in Japan!
This time, check out some popular cup noodles!

【Seven-Eleven cup noodles popularity ranking】

Convenience stores that offer a wide variety of products and various convenient services are indispensable for daily life in Japan.

Seven-Eleven, one of the major convenience stores offers cup noodles in collaboration with many popular ramen restaurants, so you can enjoy their ramen taste at home.

This time, the staff of "Japan Shopping Now" actually tried the TOP 3 co-developed cup noodles from Seven-Eleven limited cup noodles popularity ranking. And here is our food review.

【The first rank :Moko-Tanmen Nakamoto Spicy Miso】

Before meals "This looks spicy!"
During meals "It's spicy, but delicious!"
After meals "My mouth is tingling... Well, when should I eat this again? ♡"

The top one is a collaboration product with the popular ramen restaurant "Moko-Tanmen Nakamoto", which is known for its spicy ramen . This product has moderate spiciness and richness and does taste like the one we can have at the restaurant.

The soup tastes amazing, and the taste and spiciness spread once you put it in your mouth. When you eat it, umami and spiciness are alternately entwined in your tongue, but umami is always there in the broth made from animal meats and vegetables.
It is also great to be able to adjust the spiciness of the soup with the attached oil.

Perhaps the secret of the popularity of this ramen is the exquisite match of its taste and spiciness. Personally, I'm not good at spicy ramen, so my mouth was hot and painful after eating, but I'm sure I will soon start craving it.

【The second rank :Sumire Sapporo Rich Miso】

"This aromatic miso scent took me to the magnificent scenery of Hokkaido..."

The second best one in the ranking is "Sumire Sapporo Rich Miso".

"Sumire" is a popular ramen place that gets filled with customers soon after it opens every day, and is one of leading ramen restaurants in Hokkaido.

The richness of the miso-based soup is very special and recreates the taste of the restaurant authentically.
It is far beyond the level of cup noodles.

No other cup noodles has such high-quality broth.
The harmony of the non-fried healthy noodles and miso-flavored soup is the best.
The price of this ramen is about as twice as that of average cup noodles, but the taste is so rich so it's totally worth it.

When I went to Hokkaido, I waited long in a queue in front of "Sumire" in the cold.
Yet, I felt it was totally worth my waiting time when I finally started eating it.
I'm so happy that now I can have the same taste at home as I'm biting the noodles.

【The third rank :Ippudo Akamaru New Taste Hakata Tonkotsu】

"Even when you can't decide which ramen to eat, you will always end up coming back here as there is absolutely no mistake in the taste!"

A ramen restaurant originated in Hakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is also known for its tonkotsu soup. Everyone in Japan knows the name of "Ippudo".

This ramen doesn't smell that much, so it is also good for people who would like to avoid the strong smell of tonkotsu soup.
Another special point is the spicy miso and black garlic oil to add to complete the flavor. These two increase the richness and taste of the ramen to the maximum.

The harmony of the rich creamy soup and spicy miso and how good they are with the thin noodles of tonkotsu ramen are very impressive.
The thick and big chashu pork is also a must. This cup noodle would be addictive.


What did you think?
There may have been a product from a ramen restaurant that you have been to during your stay in Japan.

Most of the collaboration products are limited editions, so please check Seven-Eleven when you come to Japan next time and find limited ramen to try!

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【Seven-Eleven cup noodles popularity ranking TOP5】

Rank1  Moko-Tanmen Nakamoto Spicy Miso
Rank2  Sumire Sapporo Rich Miso
Rank3  Ippudo Akamaru New Taste Hakata Tonkotsu
Rank4  Santouka Tantan noodles made with tonkotsu salt
Rank5  Kamo-Dashi Soba

Ranking source:"Minnano Ranking"
Survey period:2020.4~2020.12

※Product standards, prices, and release dates may differ depending on the region.
※Some products may not be available at some stores.
※Limited products may be discontinued.