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Marnao was founded about 80 years ago as a temple and shrine carving business. Now it combines the traditional techniques of carving with high-precision machinery to create chopsticks that are beautiful eating utensils that the world can be proud of.

The chopsticks are easy to hold and you will appreciate the texture of the food in your mouth highly. The product is popular among famous French and Italian restaurants in Japan and abroad, as well as other Japanese restaurants.

 Marunao doesn't paint the surface of chopsticks, but uses only cutting and polishing techniques of hard woods such as ebony and sandalwood.

Let's have a quick look at some of the popular products that make use of this technique.

▲The back panel of the store and the ceiling decoration are made of chopstick scraps. You can tell that they take good care of wood, making use of it until the end after it has lived for many years.

■Recommended Product NO1・・・Highest quality hexagonal chopsticks

  The part that holds the chopsticks is a hexagon, which feels soft on the fingers. The tips of the chopsticks are 1.5mm thin and octagonal, making it easier to grasp objects and the thin tips of the chopsticks are carefully designed to improve your mouth feeling.

▲There are at least 100 processes involved in the production of Marunao's chopsticks, but the highest quality hexagonal chopsticks go through an even greater number of processes! The photo shows highest quality hexagonal chopsticks made with ebony and sandalwood. Source: Marunao

Recommended Product NO2・・・MARUNAO Star

 The octagonal chopsticks may feel a bit heavy to hold and weigh. These chopsticks are made of a combination of ebony and artificial marble and are also popular overseas.

▲The same design is also available for chopstick holders, which are popular among people overseas. The photo shows the MARUNAO Star and a box made of paulownia wood.

Recommended Product NO3・・・Special Limited Edition Snakewood Octagonal Chopsticks Gold 

 Snakewood from South America is known as the "diamond of wood" because it is the world's highest quality wood and is traded at a high price. The color and grain of the wood is very beautiful and it is decorated with 18k gold inlays.

▲Snakewood is also used for walking sticks and fountain pens.  Source: Marunao  

Recommended Product NO4・・・Pasta Fork Ebony

 This ebony pasta fork was developed with Chef Noda of the Ginza Shiseido FARO restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. The pasta can be turned on the plate with a simple motion and can be picked up easily.

▲A pasta fork with very beautiful form. Pictured together with Spoon 200.          

The interior design is sharp and modern, complementing the traditional techniques of the tableware. 

 The wood used for the chopsticks, as well as for the walls, ceiling decoration, and display tables, was carefully selected to create a modern and sharp interior design with the warmth of wood. The tableware is easy to see, easy to pick up, and easy to feel.

▲On the wall, about 200 kinds of chopsticks, forks and knives are displayed for easy viewing and on the central table, they are displayed in a coordinated way.  

 Source: Marunao  
 Source: Marunao  

▲A piece from a trial class using scraps of chopsticks from the store. Chopstick making (*due to the use of knives, children under 10 years old are not allowed to participate) is available by reservation only or without reservation you can make a photo frame using the scraps of chopsticks. Trials are available for two to four people per session.        

■Message from the store

  We would like to take this opportunity to invite people from countries that do not have a chopstick culture to touch our wooden chopsticks, which are designed to be comfortable to use, and to discover how good they feel when you hold them, and to find chopsticks that fit your fingers.

  In addition, with the growing awareness for sustainable products, bringing your own pair of chopsticks to a restaurant can help with that.

  Marunao's products are sold in stores all over Japan and overseas, but the head office in Niigata and the store there have the largest selection, where you can enjoy selecting products.

▲The wonderful smiling staff can teach you a lot about chopsticks and English support is available, too.

Behind the staff there is a display of carpentry tools and other items used by Marnao's first generation in their sculptural work.

 Source: Marunao

The store is located on the second floor of a building in a quiet area, off the main street.  

■Location and contact information of Marunao Aoyama Store

   5-47-13 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Business Hours: 11:00-19:00   Closed day: Every Wednesday

   Nearest Station: Ginza and Hanzomon Subway Line Omotesando Station 3 minute walk from Exit B3