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Have you heard of ”pajama suits" from Japanese suit brand AOKI?

They are new products invented in Japan in the era of telework.

What are pajama suits?

They work as pajamas and work clothes and loungewear so you can even go out in them.

We have received positive reviews saying that "they can start working as soon as they get up thanks to the suits" and "the suits look neat despite their comfortability" from our customers who have purchased them. Our pajama suits are so popular that we receive orders not only from within Japan but also from overseas.


There are 2 different materials used, one is double-knit and the other one is melange jersey. We have 2 color options, navy blue or grey.

You can get both of them and choose which one to wear depending on your mood. You can also enjoy coordinating them with your shirt.


You can place an order internationally online.

Please check them out all by means.

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