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The cold weather has finally begun in Japan
For working women, AOKI offers a nuance color coat that is comfortable and warm even when worn over a jacket and is easy to match with your office style.

This time, we would like to introduce a simple long coat that is highly recommended for wearing this year!

Overchester coat

A brown-colored Chester coat featuring a loose silhouette and a large collar. It will make your style look effortless by simply putting it on, and your face look smaller by contrast with a large collar. It is 100% wool and very warm.


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No Collar Coat

Greige color no-collar coat that makes winter outfits look bright. The soft shades of Greige and the clean and simple design create an elegant and cute atmosphere. Since the back collar is raised, the jacket collar is hidden, which is also a point that looks beautiful.


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Standard Collar Coat

A light gray stand-up collar coat that makes your face look bright. The design is simple and cool, and your face will look smaller by contrast with a wide collar. Gray is known as a versatile color, so you don't have to worry about the compatibility with what you wear inside.


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Mods Coat

A mods coat that can be worn widely from business to casual wear. The material that gives a glossy feel and an elaborated metal fittings make it look casually elegant. Warm with a removable quilting liner and water repellent. It's highly functional and easy to use!


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Spend this winter in style and comfort with AOKI's coat!

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