Antibacterial effect lasts even after washing 30 times! AOKI's Double Antibacterial Washable Mask with Adjuster

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A series of Antibacterial / washable mask which had been on sale since May, 2020 has sold over 5 million.

This series of mask from AOKI were sold every 2 seconds and it was only available by lottery until now. However, it is finally available online. It has a stretchy jogging suit material that's gentle on your skin, and antibacterial effect will last for a long time even after 30 times of washing. Also, You can easily adjust the size with an adjuster. We are very proud of its ease-of-use.

Double antibacterial washable mask with adjuster, 5 pieces per bag

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Through providing masks, AOKI wishes that your daily life will be restored as soon as possible.