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Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
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4 kinds of frozen foods at Heichinrou from which authentic Chinese food can be easily enjoyed at home just by heating in hot water are now on sale!
Frozen foods that can be warmed in hot water distinctive of Heichinrou, with a thorough attention to the taste, aroma, and texture of the ingredients as they are.
Enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine instantly. Please take this opportunity to enjoy it at home.
・Frozen food
"Shrimp chili sauce" 150g / 1,016 JPY (tax included)
"Chukadon Bowl's Ingredients" 200g / 1,016 JPY (tax included)
"Mapo Tofu" 150g / 692 JPY (tax included)
"Black Vinegar sweet and sour Pork" 150g / 843 JPY (tax included)
※Photographs are for illustrative purposes.
*Please note that some articles have a limited amount, so please understand that we may run out of stock.

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