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Kyushu Fukuoka
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
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An authentic and new classic bakery that incorporates the necessary amount of new technologies in traditional recipes and tastes.

The popular product Pullman Bread is made only with Japan produced wheat "Kitano Kaori" and is made with plenty of fresh cream and Japan produced butter, so it is characterized by a rich aroma and softness of the crust.

English Bread

English Bread is made with 1CW flour from Canada.

A loaf of bread recommended for toasts, so you can enjoy the original aroma of wheat.


Particular about the ingredients, the company uses wheat from Hokkaido, fresh domestic pesticide-free lemons, domestic butter, and dried fruits that have been carefully aged with aromatic Western liquor. 8 types of tasteful classic cakes are available: "Ripe Fruits Cake", "Cake with Fresh Lemon", "Butter Spica", "Upside Down Cake", "Chocolate Cake", "Cheesecake", "Cheesecake", and "Victoria Cake". Carefully selected ingredients for each season are used.

※ Some items are limited in quantity, so please note that they may be out of stock.

※ All prices include tax.

【2nd basement floor Groceries BOUQUCA BAKERY/SPICA CLASSIC CAKE】

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