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Festaria's latest creation,"Träumerei", means "Dream" in German.

The fragrance of flowers and grasses after the sunset and a pleasant breeze. A natural landscape filled with hope is expressed with diamonds and milgrain.

The diamonds are randomly arranged to create the image of the sun gently shining down through the trees,

and the "Wish upon a star🄬" diamond, which is inspired by a fragment of a dream, shines with a beautiful brilliance.

The Träumerei series has been introduced in February.

From May 14th (Sat), one ring and two pinky rings will be added to the lineup.



The rhythmic lines of diamonds randomly arranged like a prism,

the delicate lines of light from the melee diamonds,

and the milgrain lines on the base metal all intersect beautifully to

create an exquisite balance.

price: 165,000 Yen

Pinky ring

This Pinky ring with "Wish upon a star🄬" diamonds shining in a gentle,

beautiful curve drawn with melee diamonds.

Price: 88,000 yen

Pinky ring

This pinky ring features a "Wish upon a star🄬" diamond

that shines elegantly on a line of beautifully curved melee diamonds

and base metal, like the trajectory of light from a shooting star.

Price: ¥77,000

*Some items are in limited quantities, we apologize in advance if we are out of stock.
* All prices include tax.

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