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<Complex Biz> will be lined up 30 colors of popular Whip Clip at the same time for the 30 years anniversary.

Designed by Swarovski®・Two types, crystal mesh and crash.

It fits various outfits and your mood of the day because of its basic designs and color variations.

◆Whip Clip

It has a cute impression of a small form.

Base of clip is made of acetate resin having elasticity and firmness to hold the hair.

Double crystal mesh

You can enjoy a bright shine of Swarovski®・Crystal arranged in a mesh.

Colors : 20

Size : approximately 2.5×3.0 cm

Price : 9,900 Yen

Crystal crash

Random placement of Swarovski®・Crystal allows you to enjoy deeper shine.

Colors :10

Size : approximately 2.8×2.6cm

Price : 9,900Yen

* Please be aware that some products are limited in quantity, and may be sold out.

*All price includes tax.

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