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<What is Iwataya Mitsukoshi Farm?・・・>

A project starting in 2017. The employees in charge of food products at Iwataya Mitsukoshi have set themselves the goal of "Delicious food,

with our own hands!", with this goal we grow delicious agricultural products from all over Kyushu Prefecture and use them as ingredients for the products we sell. Please look forward to the future of Iwataya Mitsukoshi Farm.

One hundred best terraced rice paddies in Japan "Terraced rice paddies in Take district"

The terraced paddy fields of the Take area, located on Mount Hōshu in Asakura-gun's Toho Village, are located on a steep slope between 250m and 400m above sea level and cover an area of 11 hectares.

Iwataya Mitsukoshi Farm grows rice in these bamboo terraced paddy fields together with the farmers.

We have produced delicious rice again this year in order to link these terraced rice fields, the fruit of the wisdom of our ancestors, to the future.

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<Iwataya Mitsukoshi Farm>
Tanada Rice Yume Tsukushi 2kg 1,782

The new rice was harvested in September this year.

※Please note that some products are limited in quantity and we apologize if they are out of stock.
※All prices include tax.

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