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Kyushu Fukuoka
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1 November 2022 (Tue) launch

The Vitalift RF EH-SR85-K lift care* facial unit, fulfils from daily to special care in a single unit, and the Steamer Nanocare EH-SA70-H, relaxes and conditions the skin with steam, fragrance and light, both will be launched on November 1st (Tue).

Please visit our shops to experience these new facial products, which embody Panasonic Beauty's philosophy of 'technology for reliable results'.

※It moves to lift

Vitalift RF



Panasonic Beauty's highest ever output of 3MHz RF, dual dynamic EMS and LEDs. Ion added functionality.

Four modes approach deep skin problems according to age.

Update your daily skincare routine with just one unit.

Steamer Nanocare



Receive genuine moisture care with relaxing dense double steam, aroma and light.

Add your favourite fragrance to the aroma stone and switch on the light to enjoy a deluxe skincare time.

Simple operation and easy to use, with a natural colour and design that blends in with your interior.

※The number of articles is limited, we kindly ask for understanding in case of running out of stock.
※All prices include tax.

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