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Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
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Released on May 16th (Mon), 2022

New product was launched to DECORTÉ's latest skincare line "Hydra Clarity".

Hydra Clarity  Treatment Gel Wash 150g 3,520yen

Smoothness like the treatment. It is the non-forming face wash gel that increases transparency every time you wash.

The more you wash, the clearer skin you get.

Hydra Clarity Treatment Essence Illuminating Mask 14 sheets 161㎖ 4,950yen

5-minute intensive care brings dense moisture. It is the sheet mask formulating high concentration* "Beautiful Skin Syrup*" awakening transparency.

It is the intensive care facial mask gives plenty of moisture with just 5 minutes of care.  

                                   *Beautiful Skin Syrup 〔isomerized glucose syrup・clove extract ・Artemisia princeps extract 〕Glycerin(moisturizing)are formulated.

*High concentration:comparison within the line

*Some items are in limited quantities, we apologize in advance if we run out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

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