◆How to survive the extreme summer heat in midsummer◆


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At Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, we are introducing items that will keep you cool this summer, whether you go out or stay at home.


These indoor summer shoes are characterized by a three dimensional sandal strap and a smooth fabric middle board. They are machine washable.
●Hanao Slippers (Polyester, Low-resilient Urethane/S-LL/5 Colors) 2,200 yen.
■6F Section 2 Slippers


This portable fan comes with a tray for aroma oil and can be charged via USB.
● Rechargeable multi-handy fan (ABS・iron・PP/3 colors) 2,178 yen.
■7F Section 9 Itoya


This special fiber absorbs water and moisture and is equipped with a contact cooling function to keep you cool. It will upgrade your summer recovery time.
● Recoverable Wear Comfort Cool Ladies (recycled fiber 70%, polyester 30%/ 4 colors).
French sleeve boat neck 11,000 yen/knee length pants 12,100 yen
■7F Section 4 Venex


This scarf is equipped with a cool pack and can be used not only for heat protection, it is also a stylish accent.
● Cool scarf with refrigerant (polyester 100%/about 9x100cm/10 types/with clear pouch) 4,400 yen.
■1F Section 3 Western-style goods

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