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Kanto Tokyo
Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro
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The spring souvenirs from Tobu Department Store are a selection of wonderful sweets ♪ that allow you to enjoy the beautiful spring traditions of Japan
Have you already decided what to buy for souvenirs in Japan?

The products introduced this time can be purchased at the Japanese and Western confectionery section on basement 1F!

🌺Bunmeido's Castella Sakura Size of 0.5A, 729 yen (tax included)
A spring-only product made by making a paste of national cherry blossoms kneaded into the dough.

🌺The package is also cherry blossom colored, perfect as a Japanese souvenir☆

🌺Doraemon Dorayaki 5 pieces, 1,080 yen (tax included)

The bean paste is wrapped in a fluffy skin branded with the print of Japan's beloved character, Doraemon.

🌺Tokusai Gosan Castella Size of 0.5K, 1,674 yen (tax included)

The only ingredients are eggs, sugar, flour, starch syrup, and honey. This special castella is carefully baked one by one, by the bakers' hands.

🌺Fancy! We will wrap it in golden wrapping paper for you.

🦉That's all, by Bunmeido. B1F Zone 4


🌺Matcha Mochi 8 pieces 800 yen (tax excluded)

These beautifully colored matcha mochi are made with matcha green tea, which is used for various purposes including tea ceremony, Japanese confectionery, and cooking.

🦉Minamoto Kichoan  B1F Zone 5


🌺Cheesecake 3 pieces 1,080 yen (tax included)

Rich and luxurious cheesecakes are the perfect spring gift, carefully packaged one by one.

🦉Shiseido Parlor B1F Zone 4


*There is a limit to the number of items available. Please understand that we may sell out.