~・The taste of sesame broth can be readily enjoyed.・~ Saiki sesame broth (dashi) peperoncino sauce

Kyushu Oita
Special Feature on “Regional Unique Flagship Representative Products”
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Oita Prefecture Saiki City

Located at the easternmost tip of Kyushu, the fishing grounds are blessed with abundant nutrients from the complex topography, and a wide variety of fish and shellfish are captured.


[Specialty] It was developed with the aim of further raising awareness of the product following its recognition as a '100-year food' by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

[Local resource] 'Gomadashi' (sesame broth) is a seasoning with a mottainai spirit, originally processed in the past by baking and flakingleftover fish, cooking it with sesame, soy sauce and mirin (sweet sake). It is mainly used as a seasoning for udon noodles. This sauce allows to easily cook dishes such as Western and Chinese dishes in new ways .

[Quality/design] The stylish bottle shape and label design make for an appealing souvenir.


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