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It was founded in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Led by creative director Niels Stroyer Christophersen,

this design studio is dedicated to product design such as furniture, lighting, fragrance, interior design, etc.

And design and production related to lifestyle, focusing on materials, simple geometry, and universal beauty.

With a focus on natural materials, simple geometric patterns, and doubtless quality, FRAMA artwork

combines imagination and practicality to create a warm and honest aesthetic.

Receiving inspiration from old things, new things digital technology and traditionalistic analogue at the same time, a natural, hands-on approach to design and production provides a unified aesthetic across our wide range of product collections.

Left: From Soil To Form Red Edition 18,700 yen

Right: Essential Oil Dropper (10mL) 9,900 yen

Apothecary hand wash 375mL 7,260 yen

Apothecary Body Wash 375mL 5,500 yen

※Some products have limited quantities, so please understand if they are out of stock.
※All prices include tax.

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