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TASAKI Brooch Collection

From the TASAKI COLLECTION LINE, the TASAKI Brooch Collection is born, highlighting the individuality of the one who wears it.

Items inspired by TASAKI's iconic series, starting with 'balance', give a sophisticated presence, with the clean shine of metal, elegant glossy pearls, and minimalistic style.

*The new brooch starts selling on February 22nd (Wed).

balance step

Brooch ¥462,000

(K18YG/ Pearl)

balance loop

Ring ¥374,000

(K18YG/ Pearl)

a fine balance

"A Fine Balance" captivates, playing with the supple harmony of yellow gold curves and pearls. A brooch made with baby pearls with featured curves, and a brooch with Akoya pearl of different sizes set rhythmically hold a sensitivity that playfully shines.

Brooch ¥363,000, each

(K18YG/ Akoya pearl)

balance step

Brooch \462,000

(K18YG/Akoya pearl)

balance ikonic diamonds pave

Brooch \1,320,000

(K18WG/Akoya pearl/Diamond)


Brooch \385,000

(K18YG/Akoya pearl)

a fine balance

Brooch \363,000

(K18YG/Akoya pearl)

*Please note that some items are in limited quantities and we apologize if we run out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

[Annex 4F / TASAKI]

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