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<See By Chloé> will launch the first Capsule Collection with a sustainable approach.

Circular Capsule Collection, made of the deadstock materials of the past collection, aims at giving new spirits, by upcycling and reusing of valuable resources and reducing the environmental impact.

Also, manufacturing plants closes to where the material is stored are chosen in order to decrease the carbon footprint.

The accesory collection with high usability for city use is characterized by patchwork made of the deadstock lether in eye-catching colors.

This collection includes a mini-sized bags for phone and a bottle holder, as well as tote-bags in 2 sizes and a poach with multiple uses.

Each item uses the minimum number of metal pieces as it is difficult to recycle. Also, dust bags for products are made from deadstock fabrics.

SWEATER | Multicolor | 91,300 Yen

PAMPA SMALL TOTE | Brick Orange | 77,000 Yen

PAMPA TOTE | Brick Orange | 92,400 Yen

MIMOSA POUCH | Brick Orange | 41,800 Yen

MIMOSA MEDIUM LEATHER GOODS | Brick Orange | 59,400 Yen

MIMOSA BOTTLE HOLDER | Brick Orange | 49,500 Yen

SKIRT | Multicolor | 96,800 Yen

TROUSERS | Abyss Blue | 96,800 Yen

TROUSERS | Pearl Beige | 96,800 Yen

*Please be aware that some products are limited in quantity, and may be sold out.

*All price includes tax.

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