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Kyushu Fukuoka
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Released on Friday, February 10, 2023

est Intensive Body Serum

150 g 6,600\

Est's cutting-edge(*1) skincare technology is applied to all parts of the body.

An ageing care (*2) body serum that leads the mature body to bouncy, firm skin.

A rich but non-sticky, smooth serum envelops the entire body, while fresh moisture awakens fresh beauty.

The skin is hydrated, smooth and supple, with a firmness that makes you want to touch it.

● Floral fruity scent which was inspirated by pomegranate and a beautiful woman who is reborn beautifully at night

* In the est

* Moisturizing and tension care according to age

※ Please note that some items are in limited quantities and we apologize if we run out of stock.
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