【Iwataya Main Store】<Est> Launch of "EST THE LOTION JELLY," a cool, jelly-like lotion perfect for summer

Kyushu Fukuoka
IWATAYA Main Store
Update date

May 26, 2023 (Friday) Limited quantity launching

Est The Lotion Jelly

100 g 4,950 yen

Limited-quantity jelly type of Est The Lotion, which moisturizes even in harsh dry environments, provides plenty of moisture and protection, and is now available in a cool water storage*1 jelly type.

The jelly is cool and comfortable, covering the skin like a face mask.

It gives the skin a firming sensation, leaving it moisturized and flawless. 

*1 Replenishes moisture to keratin fibers in the stratum corneum to maintain skin moisture.

【Est hands-on experience (reservations required)】

Limited to Iwataya main store <EST>.

Dates: Thursday, May 25 to Wednesday, May 31

Experience the best items for summer at a private booth in the Est corner.

*Reservations can be made by phone or in-store.

Est The Lotion Starter Set

6,600 yen

EST THE LOTION 140ml (actual size)

Est The Protection W-Ⅱ 9ml<mini> SPF50+/PA++++

[Quasi-drug] Suppresses melanin production and prevents spots and freckles Selling name: Est Protect Emulsion W-II

*Some products have limited quantities, so please understand in case we run out of products.
*All prices include tax.

[Main Bldg. 1F Cosmetics/Est]

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