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Sale start on Thursday, August 18th

The new skin care series that is named "Flarune=Vial of Fate"(coined word) has debuted.

From cleansing to beauty lotion, the optimum treatment effect is tailored to each individual's skin and leads them to the skin they want.

This autumn, please try the skin care products of "Flarune", the vial of fate, that will bring you brighter opportunities than ever before.

Flarune Full Refine Milk M/EM

110g 3,300 yen

200g 5,500 yen

With high definition texture, clear beauty. A milky lotion that gives a clear impression. There are two types; The M(moist) and the EM(extra moist).

Flarune Vivid Tuner YR/KM/HK

40ml 5,500 yen

I can choose my skin carefully. The beauty serum that can draw the beauty out of our skin.

※Please note that some items are in limited quantities and we apologise if we are out of stock.
※All prices include tax.

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