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The theme of the new product is "Evolution of Origin"

Beyond the fusion of origin and evolution, there is always the ongoing "monozukuri" of <Four Nines>.

The quality values that <Four Nines> has built up with the unchanging desire to pursue the ideal pair of glasses.

It has established links with many people and connected them with the present.

And now. Creating new value, leading to the future.

Create new value.

Create new connection.

That is <Four Nines>'s monozukuri.

25 models were presented.

Here are some of them.

※Not all models are in stock, and will arrive in due course.

※Prices as of 19 December.

【 NPM-207 】

Color range: 5 items

Material: plastic/pure titanium/β-titanium


【 NPM-135 】

Color range: 6 items

Material: plastic/pure titanium/titanium alloy


【 S-870T 】

Color range: 5 items

Material: plastic/pure titanium/β-titanium/titanium alloy


*Please note that some items are in limited quantities, and can be out of stock before you get them.

*All prices above are tax-included.

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