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A new perspective on sunglasses - For everyone's everyday use

It is not about protection from the sun, but about making you feel comfortable. If the quality of the sunglasses accurately captures this essence, this perspective on sunglasses will also be properly accepted. Aiming to make sunglasses more comfortable and more accessible, 999.9 feelsun creates a new perspective on sunglasses.

 True comfort - A balance between comfort and optimal design

Optimal design that takes advantage of the characteristics of materials and a variety of unique mechanisms create a comfortable fit that can be used every day without worry. Furthermore, a balance between design and size optimized for the wearer's facial features is necessary. It can be said that a pair of sunglasses is "easy to wear" only when the tactile aspect of comfort and the visual aspect of style are linked at a high level. 999.9 feelsun sunglasses offer such "true ease of wear".

 For more people - Lens variations and ability to combine with prescription lenses

The lenses are coated with a high-specification coating to provide a high level of eye protection from UV rays and glare, while also offering a wide variety of lens curves, colors, and densities. In addition, the unique three-dimensional front curve design allows comfortable use of prescription lenses without any change in style.

【 F-37NPM 】

Color variation: 5 items

Lens size: width 48 mm x height 41 mm

Material: Plastic/pure titanium/titanium alloy

38,500 yen

【 F-03NPM 】

Color variations: 5 items

Lens size: width 57 mm x height 41 mm

Material: Plastic/pure titanium/titanium alloy

47,300 yen

*Please not that some items are limited in quantity, and may be out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

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