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Kyushu Fukuoka
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Update date

20 December 2022 (Tuesday) Launch 

32,670 yen

A generous amount of gel gently envelopes the face and charges the skin with moisture and beauty ingredients during sleep.

Two sets of six 4g "Overnight Miracle Masks", which lead to moisturised, bright and lively skin the next morning, as well as a 75mL bottle of <SK-II>'s popular "Facial Treatment Essence" toner, plus sample sizes of face wash, wipe-off toner and beauty cream.

【Set Contents】
・Facial Treatment Essence (75 mL / lotion / current product)
・Overnight Miracle Mask (4g x 12/gel mask/current product)
・Facial Treatment Cleanser (20g/face wash)
・Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30 mL / wipe-off lotion)
・SkinPower cream (15 g/cream)

Pitera™: A natural ingredient exclusive to SK-II, created from a special strain of yeast fermented through a proprietary process (SK-II's own Galactomyces culture fluid - a skin-conditioning and moisturising ingredient)

Pitera™ is a registered trademark of The Procter & Gamble Company, USA.

*Limited numbers available. We ask for your understanding if stocks run out.

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