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As the temperature gradually rises in the coming months, you may miss the feeling of a light and airy touch.

The early summer season is just around the corner. Make your room fresher and more summery with the color and fragrance of soft rush material!

We have rush mats, slippers, place mats, coasters and other items to coordinate with your interior.

Soft rush mats can change the atmosphere of a Japanese-style room as well as a Western-style room. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your room and needs.

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[Soft rush cushion]

Price: 3,080 yen

Size: about 43 x 43 cm

[Soft Rush Mat/Coaster]


Price: 880 yen

Size: about 10 x 10 cm


Price: 1,320 yen

Size: about 30 x 43 cm

[Soft Rush Sandals/Slippers]


Price: 4,070 yen

Size: M 24cm, L 25cm


Price: 4,400 yen

Size: M 24cm, L 25cm

*Some products are limited in quantity, so please forgive us when they are out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

[Annex 5th Floor Living Room]