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Children have always been crazy about cars.

We want to achieve a higher level of authenticiy, creating a link between children's fantasy worlds and reality. With this in mind, Siku has continued to focus on manufacturing products based on the rule of modeling from drawings of the car itself.

Siku is a leading brand of miniature cars exported to 60 countries around the world.

During the exhibition, we will display and sell a larger variety of Siku than usual, expanding the world of Siku.

Various miniature cars

550 - 1,320 yen

A wide selection of miniature cars of various types, including service cars and famous cars series.

How about finding joy in collecting famous cars from around the world?

SIKU WORLD Fire Station

From about 3 years 10,670 yen 【Deletion or edit required】

Fire stations are marked by their warning red color in both Europe and Japan.

They are also easy for children to understand even if they are from different countries.

With its sophisticated design, light and sound functions and details that only Germany can offer, it appeals to both children and adults.

*Comes with a helicopter and a fire truck.

*Please note that some items are limited in quantity, and may be out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

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