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【Dents gloves】

Dents is a British leather gloves brand founded in 1777. A fit that makes you forget you're wearing it is called a "secret fit." These gloves are the ideal choice for those who want to give something of higher quality than usual.

【Johnstons scarf】

We prepare fully stocked with scarves from scottish company Johnstons, as a classic winter gift. From thread to finished product, the entire process is carefully managed in their own factory, and it is characterized by its good quality and beautiful coloring.

Soft to the touch, and with an elegant look, Johnstons cashmere scarf is the perfect winter gift for the elegant gentleman!

*Scarf is available from 25,300 yen.
*Images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from actual products.
*Some products are limited in quantity and may be out of stock.
*All prices include tax.

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