~・Gift from the sea of Karatsu ・~ Eco-friendly oyster shell detergent for polishing

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Kyushu Saga
Special Feature on “Regional Unique Flagship Representative Products”
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Saga Prefecture Karatsu City

Located on the Sea of Japan side of Saga prefecture in Kyushu, Karatsu City has touristic sites such as Niji-no-Matsubara Pine Grove and Karatsu Castle, and is blessed with a rich marine environment.

Made from 100% oyster shell Eco-friendly recycled product
Finely ground oyster shell particles are good to polish aluminum and stainless steel.
This polishing detergent can be used to remove water scale of the sink, burns on the pan or polish bicycles and boats.

[Local resources]A number of oyster shells are washed up on the shore by the ocean tides and wind. Since it was dangerous to walk barefoot on the beach, we have been cleaning the beach, collecting oyster shells and waste as a part of our effort to beautify the environment.
We wanted to develop a product with oyster shells we had picked up, so we developed this eco-friendly detergent for polishing.
It is 100% made from oyster shells, an earth-friendly recycled product.
The finely ground oyster shell particles are good for polishing aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
This polishing detergent can be used to remove water scale on sinks, burns on pans, motorcycles, boats, etc.


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