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Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square
Kanto Tokyo
2021-03-05 11:00 - 2021-03-18 19:00
Traditional crafts Aoyama Square

A pottery exhibition by a traditional craftsman who is challenging the new Nabeshima ware that seems to be closer to the present life using the technology inherited from the "Nabeshima clan kiln" that has contributed as a kiln for the Saga Nabeshima clan since the Edo period will be held.

Nabeshima clan kiln 19th generation Ichikawa Kozan

Touzan klin 2nd generation Ichikawa Touzan

★Know the crafts → Imari ware ・ Arita ware

There are irregular business hours during the session.

March 5 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 18:00

For the time being, the store will be closed at 18:00.

※The opening hours will be changed on the start and last days of the special exhibition.

※It may be changed at the last minute. Please check the website in advance.

■Production demonstration

March 05(Fri)~ March 18(Thu)

Kuronabeshima(Painting plates, bowls, etc.)Ichikawa Kozan