Awa Sho-Ai Shijira-ori (Indigo-dyed Woven Fabric) Exhibition


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Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square
Kanto Tokyo
2023-05-26 11:00 - 2023-06-08 19:00
Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square

Awa Sho-Ai Shijira-ori (Indigo-dyed Woven Fabric)

[Tokushima Prefecture]

Awa shijira-ori is a type of cotton striped fabric called tataeori, which was woven actively in the Awa region at the end of the 18th century, and was improved upon at the beginning of the Meiji period (1868-1912). Among them, those woven with Awa indigo are designated as "Awa sho-an shijira-ori," a traditional handicraft.

Although only those made with Awa Ai are designated as such, yarn dyed with other materials are also used for shijira-ori. There are more than 100 different colors and more than 200 different types of fabrics.

The unique texture of shibo, or unevenness, gives the fabric a light and cool feel, making it a craft that is perfect for today's hotter weather. We hope you will find your favorites among the rich variety of products, from fabrics to kimono accessories and interior goods.

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Opens at 12:00 on the first day and closes at 18:00 on the last day.

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