【Kumamoto・Tsuruya】 Refresh yourself with cool and sweet treats! 【Cool Dessert Fest】 is being held!


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Kyushu Kumamoto
2024-07-10 10:00 - 2024-07-16 19:00
Main Building Ground Floor FOOD FLOOR

A wide collection of cool and refreshing cool sweets to beat the heat!
Shaved ice, a Japanese summer treat, is available in a variety of exquisite flavors that offer a blend of Japanese and Western style.

A soft serve ice cream made by a Japanese tea specialty shop "Tsuru Cafe", that allows you to fully enjoy matcha.
Double Matcha Soft Serve………700 yen

Fluffy shaved ice wrapped in a foamy cream and topped with fresh strawberries.
Espuma Shaved Ice Strawberry Milk………1,400 yen

Limited Edition. Mango and Strawberry shaved ice with Tapioca and Vanilla ice cream topping!
Mango and Strawberry Snow Ice DX (small size)【limited to 30 servings a day during this period】………900 yen

The bitterness of the green tea and the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream go perfectly together!
Uji Kintoki Snow Ice (Small size)………660 yen

Morozoff's craft frozen sweets "The Maker's". A carefully crafted ice cream that is eye-catching for its deliciousness and beauty, making the most of the ingredients.
We hope you enjoy this exciting and heartwarming product that is perfect for the summer.

ⒶICE BAR (Strawberry Milk, White Peaches, Mango, Fruits Milk) ⒷDolce Ice Cream (Tarte Tatin, Chocolate Berry, Tiramisu)……… (1pc.) 400 yen

【Morozoff】 The Maker’s Ice Cream Limited Time Sale Event
●July 10 (Wednesday) to July 23 (Tuesday)
● Main Building Basement 1st Floor Central Event Space

Seasonal desserts available only in Japan. Please take this opportunity to visit us.