Edo Kimekomi Doll Arimatsu Doll Exhibition


  • Traditional crafts

  • Edo Kimekomi dolls

  • Arimatsu dolls

  • Production demonstration

Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square
Kanto Tokyo
2022-01-14 11:00 - 2022-01-20 19:00
Traditional crafts Aoyama Square

This is a popular Edo Kimekomi doll exhibition made by a family of three in Iwatsuki City, Saitama Prefecture. There will be a line up of Hina dolls with plump faces, as well as adorable creative dolls. In this exhibition, there will be a demonstration of the prototype production, which cannot be seen usually. Please take the time to look the demonstration as they are made with care and attention.

■ Arimatsu Doll Studio Official Website

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※There is no production experience in this exhibition.


◆ Demonstration

Prototype production Gold leaf stamping

Date:January 14 (Fri) - 20 (Thu)

Performer : Ryoichi Arimatsu

*State of last year's demonstration


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