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Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square
Kanto Tokyo
2021-03-05 11:00 - 2021-03-11 19:00
Traditional crafts Aoyama Square

From kitchen utensils to musical instruments, a competition of skill and beauty that brings life of Edo. Traditional crafts of Katsushika ward will be gathered at Aoyama Square.

Katsushika ward Traditional Industry Craftsmen Association

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|Participation list

Reception hours:11:00 ~ 17:00 (※ March 11th(Thu) only ~16:00)

◆ Price is excluded tax.

Craft nameExperienceExperience content
Edo wood sculpture
(Three-dimensional carving)
Tokyo hand-painted Yuzen

March 10th(Wed)11th(Thu) Osamu Hyodo   Experience inserting colors into a handkerchief Capacity per session 2pax about 40min

Experience fee : 3,000yen

Edo Kiriko

Tokyo Shamisen

March 5th(Fri)・6th(Sat)
Kimiaki Kono
Guidance on how to play after creating a small shamisen
Capacity per session 1pax about 1hour Experience fee : 7,700yen

【Kit with picture 9,900yen】

Copper plate Buddhist painting
Edo tortoiseshell

March 8th(Mon)・9th(Tue)
Kinsaku Yamakawa
Production of tortoiseshell Netsuke
Capacity per session1pax about 30min
Experience fee:3,000yen

Tokyo forged cutlery
Edo carving
Glass sculpture
Copper grater
Tokyo silverware

March 7th(Sun)
Shinji Nishiyama
Silver ring production
Capacity per session1pax about 30min
Experience fee:4,000yen


Edo battledore bearing on one side a padded picture
Edo wood sculpture (Noh Mask)
Engraving (Hand-knit jewelry)
Hemp palm scourer
Ise shaped paper
Edo forged cutlery
Edo wood sculpture (Watermark)

There are irregular business hours during the period.

March 5th (Fri) 12:00 ~ 18:00

For the time being, the store will be closed at 18:00.

※The opening hours will be changed on the start and last days of the special exhibition.

※It may be change at the last minutes. Please check the website in advance.