【Online Shop Limited】 ORIHICA Special Sale on November 11



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ORIHICA Yaesu Underground Shopping mall Store
Kanto Tokyo
2020-11-11 00:00 - 2020-11-11 23:59
ORIHICA Online Shop

A special sale held only on November 11th (11/11)! Why not take this change to get a new suit?

W11, the yearly shopping event well known in China.

Here at ORIHICA, we will hold a fun sale event on our online shop♪

★Double doublet special sale★
We will put on sale some items of ORIHICA at the special price of 11,111 yen or 1,111 yen on November 11th.
Various attractive items are available such as "ORIHICA Relactive Suits" for all seasons that are committed to comfort, "CITY TAILORED Coat" for wide use from business to casual, and moisture absorbingV neck knit that arrange feminacy with a fluffy silhouette.

It is a sale for just a single day, so don't miss it!
W11 special website: https://www.orihica.com/global...