도호쿠 후쿠시마
우편번호: 965-0042
Fukushima-kenAizuwakamatu-shi1-2-10 Omachi
15 minute walk from JR Aizu Wakamatsu station 5 minutes on the Machinaka tour bus, get off at Shirokiya-mae.
영업 시간
월요일  09:00-17:30
화요일  09:00-17:30
수요일  09:00-17:30
목요일  09:00-17:30
금요일  09:00-17:30
토요일  00:00-00:00
일요일  00:00-00:00
정기휴일:Wednesday (no holidays from July-November), end of year and New Year’s holidays (12/30-1/3) We strive to maintain quality and tradition by exercising central control for planning, manufacturing and sales of lacquer products made by local craftsmen and at our company. Utilizing the special characteristics of hand craftsmanship, we have assembled small quantities of a wide variety of item types.
공식 웹사이트
매장 유형
전통 공예품 매장
취급 상품

Located at the center of the old city of Aizu Wakamatsu. We use as a store the first and second floors of a wooden building built in the style of a Japanese kura warehouse, but featuring a western-style architecture. The staircase has a railing, but because the building is over one hundred years old, there are places that are not wheelchair accessible. Next to the east side of the store, there is a parking lot that can accommodate up to six vehicles. For those arriving by chartered bus, there is a parking area reserved for public buses 1 minute walk from the store that a single bus can use for free with an advance reservation. The Aizu Lacquerware Museum, where you can learn about the raw materials, manufacturing processes and main techniques of lacquerware all at a glance, can be visited for free.


신용 카드

  • VISA (비자)

  • Master (마스터)

  • JCB (제이씨비)

  • 유니온페이카드・은련카드

  • 다이너스클럽

  • 아메리칸 익스프레스

  • 각종 신용카드

시설 서비스

  • Tax-free Shop (택스프리 숍)

  • 외국인 스태프

  • 언어 대응 설비 (태블릿, 단말기, 가리킴 대화 도구)

  • 주차장