Mister Donut’s luxury matcha doughnuts return thanks to green tea specialists Gion Tsujiri

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    • 2021-04-12

Source: PR Times

Sadly, Mister Donut’s spring collaboration with Gion Tsujiri which resulted in elaborate, sakura-inspired doughnut creations is already over. It feels like spring is just getting started, but those limited-time-only deadlines are pretty brutal in Japan, and if you want to catch the best seasonal treats you have to be fast!

But luckily for matcha doughnut lovers, that was just the first lineup of the year in Mister Donut’s liaison with Gion Tsujiri, a tea house that specialises in green tea from Kyoto’s matcha paradise, Uji. The last collection was called ‘Blooming Matcha’, but this next installment could be translated as ‘Lustrous Matcha’. With a focus on traditional Japanese ingredients, many of these creations have a glossy sheen, and all look particularly luxurious.

There’s three doughnut shapes on offer, all with different flavours and variations.

For the ring-shaped ‘Fuwa Mochi Uji Matcha’ doughnuts, there’s brown sugar syrup flavour (194 yen for take out).

Uji matcha and kinako whipped cream (216 yen for take out).

And azuki mochi style (216 yen for take out).

Next, Mister Donut’s classic ‘Pon de Ring’ shape has been transformed into the ‘Pon de Double Uji Matcha’ (172 yen for take out).

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