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413, Yushima, Kinosaki, Toyooka-city, Hyogo



Operation Hours (Weekdays)

08:30 - 22:00

Operation Hours (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

08:30 - 22:00

Closed Day

No scheduled holidays

Access (Nearest Stations)

Walk 7 minutes from JR Kinosaki Onsen station. At the front of the "ichinoyu", the central of Kinosaki Onsen. You can find the flag of "Genbugan no Gensan",a mascot of Toyooka city , there.


If you spend more than 2,000 yen there, there will be a little present for you.


Putting on a yukata (light kimonos that are easy to walk around in) , and walk around Kinosaki Onsen town. There are seven hot springs, can you find all of them? In our store, you can offer you an yukata set, including a yukata, a pair of Japanese-style split toe socks, and geta (Japanese wooden sandal), and an ornamental hairpin. Tango silk crepe is one of the symbols of Japan. It is also a very popular souvenir. We have pouches, wallets, passport cases, cellphone cases, eyeglass cases, and other little things that made of Tango silk crepe. After a bath time, we recommend you white stork ice (made in local farm) and frozen Kinosaki beer. If you want to drink sake (Japanese rice wine), we recommend Tajima’s local sake “KASUMITSURU”, which won the first-place prize in the slow food Japan warmed sake contest. The mascot of Toyooka city , "Genbugan no Gensan", which is called “rock boy” by foreign travelers. He is a very popular mascot that can speak. In our store, we offer the widest assortment of Gensan goods. T-shirts, reusable warmers, passport cases,and Ganko cookies. Some of them are limited, you can only buy them in our store.