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649-6112 588-1 Momoyamacho, Kinokawa City, Wakayama Prefecture



Access (Nearest Stations)

JR Wakayama Line 10 minutes by Car from Shimoisaka Station
Wakayama Electric Railway 10 minutes by car from Koshi Station (Tama Museum Kishi Station)


Due to irregular business hours and holidays, please contact us by phone (listed above) or the following inquiry form before coming to the store.
*During the day, we may not be able to answer the phone due to the work.


The beekeeping business run by a couple. We sell only honey collected by our own bees (not blended with imported or domestic products).
Throughout the year, we pay more attention to the control of bee growth, especially from early May to mid-May (about 10 days), when mandarin oranges bloom, in line with the bee rhythm. This is because the concentration varies greatly depending on the amount of ee of growth.

In order to increase the production efficiency of honey, many apiaries evaporate water by heating precess.
It will sweeten in a short time, but it will change the flavor, aroma and quality.
At Murakami Beekeeping, honey will crystallize in the cold weather may be melted with a minimum of heat, but it calls for no more than a little heat, and we are working to make customers taste natural honey. The
After collection, we use our own filter and try to remove impurities as much as possible so that we can deliver beautiful honey to our customers.