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Sachi Gioielli



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Specialty Store > Clothing and Accessory Store

AREATokyo > Ginza, Yurakucho


〒104-0061 Fuso Bldg 1F 1-7-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo



Operation Hours (Weekdays)

11:00 - 19:00

Operation Hours (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

11:00 - 19:00

Closed Day

Wednesday, 3rd Sunday

Access (Nearest Stations)

Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Ginza 1-Chome Station
1 minute walk from Exit 8
JR Yurakucho Station 5 minutes walk from Kyobashi Exit
Tokyo Metro Hibiya / Ginza / Marunouchi Line
6 minute walk from Ginza Station Exit B1
2 minute walk from Exit 3 of Kyobashi Station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line


A jewelry store in Ginza the luxurious street.
Various gems can be found in the store, including diamonds, pearls, colorful colored stones, and rare stones that are not available elsewhere.
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Sachi Gioielli is highly regarded for its high quality and rarity. Because the owners find and purchase by themselves, making this a shop with high quality and rare gems. This jewelry store in Ginza that provides jewelry lovers “the Jewelry only can be found here”, “Jewelry only for you” and “Jewelry that can only be found in Sachi Gioielli". The charm of Sachi Gioielli is that it can be offered at a much lower price than the general retail price. Since the owner's parents' house is a major jewelry manufacturer and he is also a designer, he purchases rare gems from overseas and directly deals with manufacturers. For this reason, the shop offer high grade jewelry at a lower price without the need for intermediate distribution costs. It also focus on remodeling and remaking old-designed jewelry. It is a jewelry store in Ginza that is very popular for jewelry lovers.