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Barber KITADOKO Fifth Generation Chiyo Funakoshi



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150-0002 Shibuya Cross Tower Basement 1st Floor 1 of 15 of 2, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya, Tokyo.



Operation Hours (Weekdays)

10:30 - 17:00

Operation Hours (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

10:00 - 17:00

Closed Day

Wednesdays, Sundays, Public Holidays

Access (Nearest Stations)

4 minutes' walk from Shibuya Station. From 2nd floor of Shibuya Hikarie go out from the Aoyama-dori exit and proceed to the right to the pedestrian crossing bridge. Walk up to it and you will reach the Shibuya Cross Tower. Use the elevator for lower floors to go to basement 1st floor. Parking lot and Kitadoko can be found there. Though there are three elevators, please be aware that only the elevator for the lower floors (only one of them) will access the basement floor.


Reservation is required, please make reservation 3 days in advance by Booking functions, Messenger, or e-mail ( us. Telephone reservation will be accepted on the day.


Japan's oldest barber shop, Kitadoko was founded in 1871 when the freedom of haircut law was enforced. Currently the fourth and fifth generations inherited the tradition. Decorated by photographs and equipment from Meiji and Taisho Era, the store is filled with calm and relaxed atmosphere. Guests can spend quality time here with delicate and polite attentiveness and hearty hospitality. Full service (cut, shampoo, shave, massage, set) 5500 yen (tax excluded) Face care (face massage with oil) 15 minutes 1000 yen (tax excluded) Kixing (clean out sebum in the pores using suction) 15 minutes 1000 yen (tax excluded) Nail care (nail trimming, polish and give gloss) 20 minutes 2000 yen (tax excluded)