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Takasago Arare Masuda Beika Co., Ltd.



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649-6222 1 of 999 Okada, Iwade-shi, Wakayama Prefecture.



Closed Day

Irregular off days (open on Saturdays and National Holidays)

Access (Nearest Stations)

15 minutes' walk from Iwade Station (1.5 Km)
By Keinawa Expressway 15 minutes' from Negoro IC, 10 minutes' from Kinokawa IC


◆ Business hours 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
 (Open on Weekdays, Saturdays, National Holidays)
Direct sales of "Arare" production shop.
You can purchase freshly made "Arare" at the store inside the factory.
Opens on every day except Sunday. Sundays may also open irregularly.


"Takasago Arare" is a rice cake snack made using old-fashioned recipes, steamed with two types of domestically produced glutinous rice cooked in a bamboo steamer (seiro). By the skilled sense of craftsmen’s delicate hand feeling and interacting with the mochi, rice cakes (kimochi) are carefully made to manufacture.

Up to 20 years ago, most of them were being exported to the United States, "It is said that Takasago is not possible to purchase unless you go to the United States". Currently sold at a factory’s direct sales store. Everyone can try it! At the entrance of the shop, a flag printed with design "Takasago Boat" which was used for packaging when exporting products to the United States is adorned and you can feel the history.

The popular products are available in 20 types at "165g 515yen each" 165 g each) "Pestled Arare Burdock flavor" "Mitarashi Dumpling flavor" "Shrimp Mayonnaise flavor" "Shrimp Cheese Chili flavor" "Black bean salad flavor" each.
Furthermore, it is also possible to assemble it into cans of special use.
Do take a chane to try them out.