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Old house of the wind "Umenami"



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AREAKansai > Wakayama


640-1352 667 Tani, Kimino-cho, Kaiso-gun, Wakayama Prefecture.



Access (Nearest Stations)

From Kainan East IC to National Route No. 370, heading towards Mount Koya and the "Misato Observatory".

Go from National Route No. 370 towards Wakayama city center and the "Misato Observatory".


◆ Check-in time 15 pm ◆ Check-out time 11 am ※ We will respond to inquiries during check-out time.


From 15 days to 2 days before 50% of original charge, the day before or on the day 100% of the charge
For only staying overnight and bringing in cooking ingredients please consult us first.
Pay on the day (only cash accepted) ※ Credit card cannot be used (as of present November 2018)
Weekdays: 10,000 yen per adult, 5,000 yen per child (over 3 years old to elementary school student)
Saturday, the day before holiday, December 30 - January 3 / July - August (all day):
12,000 yen per adult, 6,000 yen per child (over 3 years old to elementary school student) ※Free of charge for children under 2 years old. The Kimino Town in northern Wakayama Prefecture.
On top of a mountain surrounded by rich nature there is a small family-owned old house inn "Ueminami".
Built about 300 years ago, the old house was renovated and is now Registered Tangible Cultural Properties, the descendant Ms. Noriko Minami, who made good use by making accommodation facility of it in Heisei 20.
A spectacular view overlooking the mountains in the distance, sometimes the sea of clouds can be seen, and the starry sky full of stars will welcome you at night. Meals are rural home cooking using local vegetables. Miso vegetable sauce and seasonal vegetable salad are also loved by customers coming over again. For breakfast we are offering local traditional tea gruel.

As a respond to requests, we can grill chicken with charcoal in front of our guests, pizza and barbecue are available too.
You can also experience making soba noodles, flowing somen, making Japanese sweets, cutting firewood preparing bonfire, mosquito net, ivy basket weaving and making moss ball (with pictures attached) are also very popular. Yamabiko is also popular for those who are experiencing for the first time.
An outdoor bath is under construction as well.

Please experience the unusual old-fashioned Japanese space that you cannot imagine from less than an hour from Kansai International Airport. We will do our best to give you a heartwarming experience.