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〈Zennisshoku Chain〉 GG Chef Yamashige



Chain Store > Supermarket

AREACentral Honshu - Chubu > Chubu Others


Postal code 509-2203 Gifu prefecture, Gero city, Ogawa 1236-1



Operation Hours (Weekdays)

10:00 - 20:00

Operation Hours (Sat, Sun, Holidays)

10:00 - 20:00

Closed Day

Irregular closing days (the whole store is closed on Wednesday once a month)

Access (Nearest Stations)

・In case of arrival by JR Takayama Line: get off at Gero station, ride a bus to Nakatsugawa direction for 7 minutes and get off at Kashikabashi (Kashika Bridge) bus stop
・5 minutes by bus to Nakatsugawa direction from Gero Ohashi Bridge bus stop, get off at Kashikabashi (Kashika Bridge) bus stop
・5 minute by a private car from Gero Onsen town


The whole store is closed 1 day in month on Wednesday (irregular)


This is one of the largest supermarkets in Gero area.<> Starting from Hidagyu beef and local products, we carry various items like perishable foods, side dishes, food products, sweets, drinks and other.
Please drop in if you go sightseeing Gero hot springs!

Gero Onsen (hot spring) is one of 3 great springs in Japan together with Kusatsu and Arima.
If we read historical records, it was discovered in Engi Era (901~923),
and it is told that as a famous spring that can heal all diseases
as many as 30,000 visitors per year used it in Edo period.
Gero Onsen is alkaline simple hot spring and due to moderate concentration and its alkaline nature it has a feature of being effective as natural soap making skin smooth and soft.